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Ed Johnson Television is dedicated to bringing updates, observations and insights about all the content available to consumers via all platforms. Whether it’s on broadcast, cable or a streaming service, I’m watching to make it easier for you when you’re looking for your next entertainment choice. I’ll also talk about some of the things I think we should be seeing on tv and in tv shows.

I’ll also bring you some of the latest news updates, but always with my unique take on what’s happening. I grew up watching television. I fell in love with shows like “What’s Happening”, “All My Children”, “Dallas”, “One Day at a Time,” “Another World” and so many more. With over twenty years of experience working as a television programming executive, this site allows me to merge my understanding of the entertainment business with my love of television.

So, check in often for insights, news updates and special features. Be sure to like, share and comment on posts. I would love to hear from you!

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