Why the”COACH” Reboot Did Not Go Forward at NBC!


NBC announced today that it would not go forward with its planned revival of the late-ABC series COACH.

While the show had ran for eight seasons and earned titular star Craig T. Nelson and Emmy for Best Actor in a Comedy Series in 1992 I don’t think a reboot of the show was necessary. It’s not a show that many people reference and I can’t even remember how it ended. I can’t even remember the last time I saw the show air on a basic cable network and there are so many networks hungry for content, you’d think it would be airing somewhere. I’m sure it got its obligatory run on TV Land or Nick at Night at some point.

My guess is COACH falls way down in the list of shows viewers would like to see revived.

TVInsider talked to series creator Barry Kemp about the show’s abrupt end at NBC. Click here for the story.



These three talented women are familiar faces to tv viewers but none have ever headlined their own tv series, which is a shame. It’s time for Hollywood take notice and cast these women as series leads.



Khandi Alexander has most recently been recurring as “Mama” Maya Pope on SCANDAL.  Whether she’ll be returning for the upcoming season is unknown, as the show keeps its storyline spoilers close to the vest. But, Alexander’s talent is too powerful for her to be sitting on the sidelines. Her performance on SCANDAL is proof.

I would love to see Khandi Alexander as a corporate mogul fighting to keep the business she built from nothing into an international powerhouse. Alexander’s character would be single, by choice, but not lonely. She can have any man she wants, whenever she wants him, but on her own terms.  While she’s confident and proud of her success she struggles with her relationship with her parents who think she abandoned her past in her quest for her fortune.  Khandi Alexander would have no problem playing a strong, poweful, smart and sexy woman. She’s done it in supporting roles on a number of shows and now it’s her turn to take center stage.



Judy Gold is a brilliant comedian. I’ve seen her do stand up a lot and her sets consistently keep the audience laughing.  Gold has had a few guest spots on sitcoms 2 BROKE GIRLS and LOUIE and delivered standout performances.

Judy Gold should headline a show on Netfiix, Amazon or Hulu where she can have the freedom bring her unique sensibility in a fresh and uncompromising way.  Gold should star in a comedy based on her relationship with her family, a constant subject of her standup. The story could focus on Gold’s character, a divorced lesbian, who is in a new relationship but also in constant contact with her ex-wife because they share a son.  If that’s not enough Gold would ask be struggling to keep her family business afloat while caring for her elderly, spitfire mother. She has such a gift for storytelling that she would be sure to appeal to her current fans while drawing a whole new audience who have yet to discover her.



Rosie Perez is an Oscar nominee who this past year co-starred in the critically acclaimed Broadway play FISH IN THE DARK while serving as a co-host on THE VIEW.  Now that Perez is done with her hosting duties, she’s free to headline her own series. Not only is she an amazing actress, Perez is well versed in politics and science. She’s a social activist who has spent years fighting for issues impacting the Latino community, inner city youth and HIV/AIDS education and prevention.

Rosie Perez should star in a gritty cable drama about a woman who wants to save the world through her social activism. When she’s asked to run for a local political office she’s at first reluctant but then considers the impact she could make by working on the inside. In the “fish-out-of-water” story Perez’s character would have to learn how to navigate the politics of politics in order to make  a difference for her community. She would be torn between her new professional world and colleagues as she tries to maintain the relationships with her community in which she still lives. Some of the activists with which she once worked will consider her a sell-out while others will try to leverage their relationship with her to move their agenda forward.  Rosie Perez is a star who deserves a star vehicle that shows off her amazing acting chops.

3 Iconic TV Characters Who Represent Women’s Equality!


Women’s Equality Day was this week and I couldn’t let the important day go by without taking a look at a few television characters who represent the gold standard of women’s equality.



THE MARY TYLER MOORE was a groundbreaking show when it premiered in 1970.  Mary Richards was the first independent, never-married career minded woman as the central character of a television series. Mary starts out as the Associate Producer of a local newscast in Minneapolis but is eventually promoted to Producer of the show. Much of the series revolved around Mary’s work and her relationship with her co-workers and friends. While Mary would occasionally date, finding a man and getting married was never the central theme of the show. Mary Richards was representative of women across America who were fighting for independence, equal rights and equal pay. Themes that are sadly still being debated today.



In the 80s, Claire Huxtable really did have it all. She was a African-American woman who was partner at a law firm; a mother who was present in all five of children’s lives and happily married. THE COSBY SHOW never questioned whether a woman could balance having a successful career and family. In many episodes Claire would be seen working on a big case, cooking dinner, managing her husband’s shenanigans and helping her kids with their problem of the week, all while perfecting the perfect “side eye.” Claire was smart, sophisticated, sexy and funny.



When EMPIRE premiered this past season the character of Cookie quickly became a pop culture sensation. It’s important to note that Cookie represents more than her outrageous fashions and quotable quips. After spending seventeen years in prison Cookie returned to claim her family and music empire. While she worked on rebuilding her relationships with her three sons, she quickly proved that her value as part of the family’s music empire.  Cookie can listen to a song a quickly figure out how to fix what’s wrong. While she might not have a formal education, Cookie’s confidence in the boardroom is unwavering among the many MBA’s in her presence. And when Cookie had a “reunion” with her engaged ex-husband, she made it clear that she was not going to be the other woman and if he wanted her he had to commit to her and her alone. Cookie stands as an example that you don’t have to let your past mistakes define your future.

Who would you add to the list? Comment below.

In Honor of NATIONAL DOG DAY: 3 TV Dogs that ROCK!


Today is National Dog Day so it’s a fitting time to honor some tv dogs that proved to be more than faithful companions.



I first fell in love with dogs because of Snoopy.  In every PEANUTS tv special, Snoopy would steal the show.  He possessed qualities I admired and hoped to one day possess myself.  Snoopy was loyal, imaginative, and confident.  He knew what he wanted and was never afraid to take a risk, making him the character most identified with the PEANUTS franchise. PEANUTS creator Charles Schulz said of Snoop “Snoopy’s whole personality is a little bittersweet. But he’s a very strong character. He can win or lose, be a disaster, a hero, or anything, and yet it all works out. I like the fact that when he’s in real trouble, he can retreat into a fantasy and thereby escape.”



Eddie was the cute Jack Russell Terrier that belonged to Frasier Crane’s father, Martin.  In the pilot episode, Martin agrees to move into Frasier’s luxury condo with him on the condition that Eddie comes along; the scene then cuts to reveal Eddie is a dog who, in a consistent sight gag throughout the run of the series, sits and stares at Frasier.  Eddie brightened and often stole every scene he shared with his human costars!



As confusing as LOST could be sometimes, one thing was always clear, Vincent, the adorable yellow lab, was the series’ true survivor.  While all of the humans on the mysterious island spent their time fighting, searching for food, and running from smoke monsters, Vincent made the most out of the situation.  The cute pup was also the only character who survived the controversial series finale, as he shared the finale scene with dying hero Jack (Matthew Fox).

“The Good Wife” is the PERFECT SHOW to Address ASHLEY MADISON SCANDAL!


The recent Ashley Madison hacking scandal is ripe for a “ripped from the headlines” story on THE GOOD WIFE. The series has often been in-step with stories playing out in the real world. THE GOOD WIFE writers are amazing and don’t really need my help, but for fun, I have a few ideas.

The origin story of THE GOOD WIFE is that the wife of the Illinois State Attorney has to pick up the pieces of her life after her husband is caught in a sex and corruption scandal.  Throughout the last six seasons the show has often referenced that scandal to reinforce Alicia’s (Julianna Margulies) continued mistrust of Peter (Chris Noth). Now that Peter is running for President, it’s a perfect time for an Ashley Madison-like website to get hacked, potentially derailing Peter’s campaign.

Alicia is, yet again, setting up her own law firm so she could take on a class action lawsuit again said website by a group of “clients” of a website designed to help married people cheat on their spouses who had an expectation of privacy when they signed up for its services. Maybe one of the men exposed in the scandal has committed suicide, as has been recently reported amid the real life scandal, and his family is suing on his behalf. As Alicia is going through the list of names she recognizes a name, possibly an alias she’s known Peter to use in the past when he needed to be incognito.  Alicia immediately suspects Peter had an account with this site and she will once again face public humiliation.  While Peter denies her suspicions, this new conflict reopens old wounds and makes Alicia question if she can continue to play the role of the supportive spouse. Alicia’s former law firm could represent. the website giving Alicia a chance to go up against Cary (Matt Czuchry) and Diane (Christine Baranski).

Of all the shows on television, I trust THE GOOD WIFE most with this story.  The writers would intelligently explore all sides of the hacking issue as it pertains to a website set up for the express purpose of infidelity.

THE GOOD WIFE returns for its 7th season on Sunday, October 4th at 9pm EST.  Check out an extended deleted scene between Alicia and Peter from season one of THE GOOD WIFE below:

It’s Been 10 Years since “Six Feet Under” signed off with an AMAZING Finale


SIX FEET UNDER stands as one of the best dramatic offerings from HBO and although it seems like yesterday, it’s actually been ten years since the show aired its amazing series finale.  The show examined how a family faces their own mortality under the backdrop of the funeral home they owned and operated.  The Fisher family felt real because they were relatable. Constantly surrounded by death, there was a darkness that lived in each character and we as viewers watched as that darkness manifested and played out. Each character was so terribly flawed yet felt authentic. The series finale could have easily given each character their happy ending and after five seasons of angst they would have deserved it.  But, SIX FEET UNDER never took the easy route.  Before it was “en vogue” to kill off a series lead, the show shockingly killed off oldest son and brother Nate (Peter Krause) a few episodes before the series finale.

By the final episode each character had plans to move on and find their bliss. As youngest child, Claire drove away towards her new life in New York City, the show could have faded to black and left us wondering what was next for the Fishers and their loved ones.  Instead, the show flashed forward to show us how each of the main characters died. This was the ultimate closure for the fans.  We’re not left wondering if matriarch Ruth is still operating a doggy daycare or if David and his partner Keith are still together.  There’s no speculation of a SIX FEET UNDER: THE MOVIE.

The SIX FEET UNDER finale stands as one of the best series finales in tv history.  My only gripe is that I wish in the scene that shows Claire’s death, the last character to die, her family had been there waiting for her.  But, it’s a minor complaint in an otherwise perfect episode.  While THE SOPRANOS finale got more buzz, the SIX FEET UNDER finale got it right! The show didn’t try to be hip or clever, it was just organic and true to what the series was. This is a finale that will stay with me much longer than recent endings of shows like MAD MEN and PARENTHOOD.

Take a look back at the SIX FEET UNDER finale montage.  I still get chills when I watch it, do you?

3 Spinoff Ideas to Bring More Diversity to CBS


While CBS has some diverse character threaded throughout a number of its primetime shows, it has yet to launch a series with characters and actors of color as the lead and focal point of the series. So, I came up three comedy spinoffs of series currently on the CBS primetime schedule.



THE BIG BANG THEORY is the top rated comedy on television and part of the series’ appeal can be credited to Kunal Nayyar’s performance as astrophysicist Raj Koothrappali.  When first introduced, Raj, who hails from New Delhi, India, was very shy around women and unable to speak to them. Over the years, his condition has improved and he’s even started dating a young dermatologist. BIG BANG has had fun playing with the idea that Raj has romantic feelings for his best friend Howard and usually brush it off to him being metrosexual.

CBS has the perfect opportunity to spin Raj off into his own series. BIG BANG should have Raj finally deal with the root of his feelings for Howard and come out. With Howard happily married, Raj decides he needs a fresh start and accepts a job at a new university in the San Francisco Bay area, where his sister Priya now lives. There, Raj experiences the ups and downs as dating as an openly gay man.  CBS should take advantage of THE BIG BANG THEORY’S success and use Raj as an opportunity to showcase an Indian actor in a leading role on sitcom.



Reno Wilson plays Carl, Mike’s best friend on MIKE & MOLLY and often gets some of the best punchlines on the show. In early seasons Carl lived with his grandmother, played by Cleo King, who raised him.  While they have a combative relationship it’s clear that the two share a deep love for one another.

My spinoff idea for Carl is that his grandmother wants to escape the cold Chicago weather and decides to move to small town in Arizona.  Carl decides that he doesn’t want that amount of distance between them and gets a job as the captain of police in a small town. Carl would be surrounded by motley crew of officers under his command. He and his grandmother could share a house together with her commenting on his still often disastrous dates. Since Carl’s parents abandoned him when he was a small child the show could also introduce a younger sibling that Carl agrees to take in and act as a parental figure, just as his grandmother did for him.



Oscar winner Octavia Spencer has appeared in eight episodes of hit sitcom MOM as Regina, an embezzling money manager who’s also in AA along with series leads Christie and Bonnie.  Regina was sent off to prison for her crimes but earned an early release.  While in prison, she found religion and is now leading a more “righteous” life.

In her spinoff, Regina needs to rebuild her relationship with her family and find a new career. Regina, now separated from her husband, could rent an apartment nearby after getting a new job working at the church her family attends.  Her husband and kids still attend the church and that’s where he agrees to let Regina spend time with her children. Her husband could have a new girlfriend by whom Regina feels threatened and she comes up with silly stunts to get time alone with her estranged husband in order to remind him why he first fell in love with her. The church setting also allows for some fun recurring characters including the Pastor, with whom Regina shares some chemistry.

CBS desperately needs more diversity in its lineup and by utilizing established characters on already popular sitcoms the network could quickly make strides in this area.