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Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to “The Good Wife”?

   After tonight’s incredible episode of “THE GOOD WIFE” there are only three episodes left until the May 8th series finale.  Tonight’s episode left us with a lot of questions:  will Peter go to jail? What does Jason want from Alicia? Will there be more repercussions from Alicia finding out that her phone calls are being monitored by the NSA? […]


Would You Buy the AMAZON PRIME stand alone video service?

   According to Variety Amazon will offer its video it’s video service as a separate offering for a $9 monthly fee. This is for licensed tv shows and AMAZON PRIME ORIGINALS only and doesn’t include the free shipping for products.  Do you see any value in buying the video service separately? Would you buy it or does the free shipping and access […]

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 There’s a big snow storm that’s going to impact a large part of the country. While being stuck inside for a few days might not be ideal, it is a great time to binge watch some tv shows. Here’s a list of shows you should consider binging if you’re stuck in the storm. Most importantly, be safe! Mr. Robot (USA) […]