DARK DESIRE Brings Sex and Intrigue to Netflix!

I have been loving the Spanish content on Netflix. Shows like Elite, Toy Boy, The Club and El Club De Cuervo are compelling, sexy and inclusive.

The newest entry to the mix is Dark Desire a mystery thriller that takes viewers on a roller coaster ride in each episode. The show stars Alejandro Speitzer who also stars in the Netflix series The Club. Speitzer solidifies himself as a star in Dark Desire. His turn here is much darker than the boyish rogue he played in The Club.

Since Dark Desire is a mystery, I’m not going to spoil any of the surprises for you, but I will say the story jumps off with a mysterious death exposing lies, secrets and deceptions among the four core characters along the way. Did I mention it’s sexy? Every episode delivers crazy, sexy love scenes that will sometimes make you blush.

The show is subtitled in English and since it’s a mystery with important plot points revealed in each episode, you’ll have to pay close attention while watching. But, all in all, it’s worth your time.

Season one is comprised of 18 episodes, each about a half hour long so it’s easily binged over a few days. While the season finale wraps up most of the story, the final scene delivers a fun twist setting up a potential season two.

Take a look at the trailer below. It’s in Spanish, but the visuals give you a good idea of what to expect!

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