Wishful Programming: HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER Television Movies

Although How to Get Away with Murder just ended its six season run on ABC, I can’t help but want to see more of Annalise Keating.


If you’ve seen the series finale, you know that during the final moments of the episode the story flashes forward to reveal that Annalise dies at an old age, which means there’s a good 25-30 years before her death that can be mined for story.

In a surprise twist in the episode both Frank and Bonnie were killed. How did that impact Annalise and her work after that tragic event? Did she hold herself responsible? Did it cause her to fall off the wagon?

What about Annalise and Tegan? Did they have a relationship? Was it just one of many throughout the years for Annalise?

We also learned at the end of the finale that Christopher, the son of Laurel and the deceased Wes, was a mentee of Annalise. How did that relationship come about? When we last saw Laurel and baby Christopher they were fleeing the courthouse after gunshots rang out.

Speaking of Laurel, what did she do after leaving her life in Philadelphia behind? Did she become a lawyer? Did she take off her family empire? Did she find herself in the crosshairs of her family’s criminal activity?

Then there’s Michaela, Connor and Oliver. We know Michael went on to become a judge, but how was she able to start a new life and keep the events of her law school years a secret? Was her rise to the bench all above board or did she use the tricks she learned from Annalise to fuel her career?

In the finale, Connor was escorted off to prison. How long was he there? How did he survive? And how did he and Ollie find there way back to each other?

All of these questions don’t have to be answered in one TV movie. There’s enough material for a series of movies. I’d love to see this project at a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. How to Get Away with Murder was always racy for broadcast tv, so by ridding themselves of the restrictions of broadcast tv, the movies could enjoy more creative freedom.

Of course all the answers to these questions would be told within the context of murder mysteries, bringing some, not all, into each other’s lives once again. Today this might be wishful programming but maybe someday we’ll see it on our screens.

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