TikTok Phenom SARAH COOPER Books Netflix Special

Even if you don’t use the social media app TikTok, you’ve probably seen Sarah Cooper’s hysterical videos in which she lip sync’s Donald Trump in his various train wreck interviews and press conferences.

Cooper has taken the country by storm, earning glowing reviews from celebrities, news anchors and politicians. Last night she was the guest host on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

It’s now been announced that Cooper will star in her own Netflix variety special, Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine. The special will be comprised of vignettes featuring a range of topics including race, gender, class, politics and some lighter topics. The special is scheduled to debut sometime this fall.

Sarah Cooper, an actress/comedian, was introduced to TikTok by her two nephews and while initially reluctant, she decided how to use the app while looking for ways to spend her down time during the quarantine. And with that her first video mimicking Trump was born and became a viral hit.

This is exciting news. It’s good to see something good happen during a time when the news is mostly bleak. Congrats Sarah!

Take a look at some of Sarah’s video below.

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