365 DAYS and LOVE take Netflix into More Sexually Explicit Territory!

Netflix hasn’t shied away from adult sexual content in it’s original series programming, but the streamer’s original movies have mostly been pretty tame. That is until this summer when films 365 Days and Love debuted.

365 Days contains lots of simulated sex, think the old days of Cinemax, and nudity. The story is problematic. It revolves Massimo, an Italian mobster, who takes a beautiful Polish woman hostage and gives her 365 days to fall in love with him. This movie quickly devolves into a “rape-mance” and uneasy to watch. Given the setup of the plot it’s incredible difficult to become invested in the burgeoning relationship between the two leads.

The film Love makes 365 Days look like Pretty Woman. I first heard of about the movie on TikTok. There was a challenge on the app where folks recorded themselves reacting to the first scene of the movie. I turned the movie on knowing nothing about it and my mouth dropped as soon as the movie started. The unsimulated sex is explicit as is the nudity. The film shows the male lead fully erect and having orgasms throughout the movie. I’m no prude by any means, but I immediately paused the film and sent a text to a friend who has teenagers and warned him about the film.

Love actually has an interesting story. The plot centers on Murphy, an American student living in Paris. When Murphy learns his ex-girlfriend, Electra has gone missing, he begins to recall the course of their relationship through a series of flashbacks.

In fairness, Netflix does rate the movies as TV-MA but its only in text in the upper left corner of the screen just before the films begin. In my opinion, the text should be bigger and include a voice over to make sure viewers understand just how explicit the content is in each film.

If you haven’t seen either film, take a look at their trailers below before you watch.

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