Join THE CLUB on Netflx!

Netflix is by far the best streaming service when it comes to diversity and inclusion. It’s international reach allows the streamer to offer subscribers a stories featuring character of various cultures, ethnicities and sexuality.

El Club is a Spanish language drama set in Mexico that delivers family drama, intrigue and sex.

The premise is simple, three affluent twenty-something friends, Pablo, Matias and Sofia team with Pablo’s housekeeper, Maria, and her nephew Jonas to sell drugs at their country club for six months. Each of them wants to gain financial independence and rationalize their behavior as just temporary.

The story is also wrought with family drama as Pablo’s parent’s are cold towards him, favoring his younger brother Santiago, who harbors a secret of his own. The other characters also face family complications and entanglements that help drive story throughout the season and help viewers understand each character’s motivations.

Word of warning, unlike some other Netflix series like Elite, El Club is not dubbed in English so you will have to read subtitles. I found it quite easy to do and it helped me brush up on my Spanish.

It’s a show I could see airing on ABC (hint, hint). There are 25 episodes of El Club, all about a half hour long so you can get through it pretty quickly.

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