WarnerMedia Kills HBO GO and Rebrands HBO NOW to Clear Way for HBO MAX Service

With the launch of HBO Max there’s been a lot of confusion about the other HBO streaming brands, HBO Go and HBO Now, among consumers.

Today, WarnerMedia cleared things up. As of July 31st, HBO Go will cease to exist. If you’re an HBO Go subscriber, you’re now able to access the streamer’s content via HBO Max. Along with killing the HBO Go service, WarnerMedia announced that HBO Now will be rebranded as just HBO. Existing users of HBO Now will have access to HBO through an updated and rebranded HBO app on the platforms where the service remains available.

I’ve seen a lot of folks on social media confused as to how to access HBO Max if they’re a current HBO Go subscriber. If you go into the App Store of the platform you’re using, you should be able to download the HBO Max app and once you sign in to your account the HBO Go app should update to HBO Go. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to call your television/cable provider for help.

HBO Max has a vast library, but no one is raving about the service. Consumers are now so used to streamers having robust original programming the limited original offerings on this platform in its early days may be working against it.

The shutdown of production due to the coronavirus hasn’t helped either.

If you’re loving HBO Max, drop a comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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