WATCH: INSECURE Season Finale Promo!

Even with a 10 episodes this year, it feels like Insecure’s fourth season flew by. This was by far the HBO comedy’s best season.

The season has focused on the central relationship of the series – Issa and Molly. We could see small cracks in the foundation of their friendship as early as the first episode of season one, but this season everything just fell apart for the former best friends.

In last week’s episode, Issa, now seeing her ex-boyfriend Lawrence again, takes the first step in trying to repair her relationship with Molly. I think Issa figured if she and Lawrence could find their way back to each other after everything they’ve been through, then it shouldn’t be that hard for her and Molly.

Well, Issa had no idea what she was in store for after treating Molly to brunch and extending the olive branch. Issa thought they were at least in a better place.

But, when Issa and Nathan showed up to Andrew’s to move the rest of Nathan’s stuff, yes, Issa is helping another ex move even though she’s back with the first ex. To Issa’s credit she did tell Lawrence about helping Nathan so there would be no secrets between them. Issa’s learning how to grow and she’s not even in therapy, unlike Molly.

Back at Andrew’s apartment, Andrew and Molly invited Nathan and Issa to stay for Chinese food, which extended into the foursome having drinks and starting to play a drinking game. While it seemed Issa and Molly were reconnecting in a more relaxed environment, Molly made the mistake of sending Issa a text about Issa meant for Andrew. After reading the text, Issa excused herself and left.

Molly chased after Issa and tried to apologized but then she basically said that maybe who they are now doesn’t fit anymore. I think Molly was expecting Issa to try to convince her that they should still be friends, but Issa wasn’t going to play that game. She said, “ok” and got in her Lyft and left. This one is definitely on Molly.

Who knows if these two will be able to find their way back to each other during the season finale, but it’s sure to be an exciting episode. Aside from the Issa/Molly relationship drama, each lady has to deal with what’s going on with them and the men in their lives. Molly wouldn’t accept an olive branch from Andrew’s brother which caused some friction between the lovers before Issa and Nathan showed up. That dinner invite was probably in part so they didn’t have to deal with the cracks forming in their relationship. Molly’s therapist definitely has a lot more work to do.

For Issa, she’s got to figure out what’s going on between her and Lawrence as he looks to be getting a job offer in San Francisco. Would they be in a long distance relationship? Was just a good way of finding closure? Would Issa think about moving? Doubtful, but in the messy world of Insecure you never know.

This was an excellent episode, directed by Kerry Washington. She should submit herself for Emmy consideration. If there’s any Emmy justice, Insecure will find itself nominated in multiple categories this year.

Here’s a look at the season finale.

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