Get to Know Yvonne Orji in Her Stand-Up Special MOMMA I MADE IT on HBO

Most of us came to know Yvonne Orji for her role as Molly on the HBO comedy Insecure. But, what most people don’t know is that Orji had a standup career before her breakout role as Molly.

Orji’ s first HBO stand up special Momma I Made It premiered on HBO this past Saturday and she shines. The special cuts footage of Orji back in Nigeria with her parents as the vignettes serve to transition to different portions her act.

A lot of folks on social media have a hard time separating Yvonne Orji from Molly but in this special it’s clear she’s a rising star. She has a great command of the stage and her material flows seamlessly. Through her stories about growing up as an American Nigerian, we get insight into Orji’s colorful family and how that dichotomy has informed her as an adult and as an artist.

I have to give a special shout out to Orji’s adorable parents. They provided a lot of the inspiration for her act and their appearances throughout the special are very funny. This is definitely an Emmy contender.

The special is available on HBO and streaming on HBO Max. You should definitely watch it!

Take a look at a preview of Momma I Made It below.

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