The U.K. to Resume Film and T.V. Production! Will the U.S. Follow Soon?

The U.K. has come up with a comprehensive set of guidelines so that film and television sets can resume production. Some of the British soaps, like Emmerdale, had already announced that they were getting back in the studio with some social distancing stories that would have only 2 characters in scenes together.

The British Film Commission compiles a 27 page list of best practices for film and tv series. The Hollywood Reporter has more on the story here.

Here in the U.S. the various unions and studios have been discussing how to ramp production back up but so far no word on when that will happen.

Producer Tyler Perry has come up with a plan to resume filming at his Atlanta based studio with strict Covid-19 testing protocols in place. Perry is know for producing his films and tv series with quick turnaround so the actors and crews on each production would only be working for a couple of weeks and Perry will be providing housing on the studio lot for all of them.

Most production would be starting up sometime next month so I’m sure we’ll be hearing more soon about how the studios and unions plan to get everyone back to work in the next couple of weeks.

Check back here for more updates.

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