Get Your Guilty Pleasure on with Netflix’s TOY BOY!

Sex, intrigue and murder! Oh my!

If you’re looking for something fun to watch with great eye candy then the Netflix Spanish drama Toy Boy is for you.

The crime drama centers on male stripper Hugo Beltran who, after spending seven years in prison for murder, is released and sets out to find proof that his married lover is the one who framed him for her husband’s murder.

Don’t worry about it being a Spanish series. Like other Spanish series on Netflix, the dialogue is dubbed or you can use the subtitles. Series star Jesus Mosquera oozes sex in every scene but also makes the audience root for Hugo. You’re never quite sure where the mystery is heading as there are a lot of twists and turns. But don’t worry, even while trying to prove his innocence, Hugo makes time to dance at the strip club with his friends. If you thought the dance sequences in Magic Mike were hot, get an ice bucket because those guys have nothing on these toy boys!

The first season is only 13 episodes and they move pretty quickly. You definitely won’t be bored. While Netflix hasn’t announced a second season, the season finale gives some story closure while allowing room for more stories in a season 2.

Toy Boy isn’t going to win any Emmys but it is the perfect show to help you escape from the real world and boy do we need shows like this these days.

Watch the trailer below.

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