HBO MAX is Here! Is Adding Another Streaming Service Worth It?

The HBO Max streaming service launched today. If you own Apple products, like me, it’s the first thing you see when you open the App Store on any of your devices.

The service boasts 10,000 hours of content including series for kids, TV and movie classics, including titles from the DC Universe. The service is also offering exclusive original series. It will be interesting to see the response to these originals as Apple has had lukewarm reception to their recently launched original offerings.

If you’re already an HBO subscriber through HBO Now, your cable subscriber (some subscriber deals still pending), Hulu or Apple your app will automatically update to HBO Max. I was able to update my account on my Apple TV in less than ten minutes this morning through my Apple TV.

If you’re not an existing subscriber the subscription will set you back $14.99 a month. It’s a lot, but if you have Netflix, Disney+ and Hulu adding this service in the mix still comes out cheaper than a basic cable package. And if you share the cost among a few users, it’s a good deal. The service also allows up to five user profiles per account, including one for children with parental controls and a PIN lock. You can also download content for offline viewing.

I plan on doing a deeper dive into the service and its content so check back.

Are you excited for HBO Max? Let me know in the comments!

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