WATCH: INSECURE Episode 8 Promo!

After giving us a full Issa point of view story in episode 6, this week it was Molly’s turn on “Insecure”. At the end of episode 6 we saw Issa decide not to go into her favorite Ethiopian restaurant after seeing Molly sitting at the counter. So, at the start of episode 7, the camera turned around and we got to see that Molly actually saw Issa approaching the door and subsequently running back to her car.

As Molly recounted the story to her boyfriend Andrew, she might have had the best line of the season – “She ran away from me like I was an actual job.”

While recounting the story, Molly was packing for her first trip out of town with Andrew. As they headed off to Malibu, they encountered a woman named Mable, played by the excellent Kim Fields, who would provide some comic relief sprinkled throughout the episode.

This would be the first time that Molly met anyone from Andrew’s family, his brother and his wife. Andrew’s brother was a bit intense to go on a vacation with. He had everything planned out to the minute with little time for rest and relaxation. Molly was a good sport and she and Andrew made sure to make time for to experiment with the kinkier side of their sex life.

While at the pool, Molly tried to get a towel but was denied because she didn’t have her room key on her. Molly witnessed a couple of white people in line before her get towels without a key card so she knew this was racial. Andrew’s brother showed his key and Molly got the towel, which was actually for his wife.

While recounting the story to the group and obviously frustrated once again at experiencing racism, Andrew’s brother decides to play devil’s advocate. Not a good idea. The exchange turns heated ending with Molly storming off. The weekend is effectively over and Molly realizes that there was more to her reaction than just the incident at the pool. She needs to deal with her issues with Issa. So in a very moving scene we see Molly sitting on the beach calling her therapist, who she hasn’t seen in a while, wanting to set up an appointment. Way to go Molly!

Upon arrival at the airport back in LA, Molly and Andrew run into Lawrence who was returning from a trip to San Francisco. Their interaction was as awkward as always. As he walked out of the airport, Lawrence made a call and we’re assuming it was to Issa.

This brings us to the promo for episode 8 with Issa and Lawrence meeting for drinks. What does he want to tell her? Does he miss her and want to try again? Was his trip to San Francisco about a job and he’s moving? Did he work things out with Condola?

And a quick shout out to Jay Ellis (Lawrence) who made his directorial debut with this episode. Great job, Jay!

Watch the promo below and let me know what you think!

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