Although states are starting to open up, who knows when we’ll be able to go to a comedy club for some much needed laughs. So, here are some stand-up comedy specials currently available on streaming and cable services.

There’s no cover charge or 2 drink minimum in your own home!

Available on Netflix, Tiffany Haddish Presents: They Ready has the comic presenting six up and coming female comedians performing half-hour stand-up sets. Haddish knows all of the women from her days performing in comedy clubs and offers them an opportunity to be discovered by a larger audience.

Streaming on Netflix, Emmy winner Wanda Sykes shines in this special from 2019. She is so spot on in her perspective of the currents cultural and political climate.

Comedy fans will feel right at homer with Jerry Seinfeld’s recent Netflix special. It’s comedy comfort food. Seinfeld tackles familiar subjects such as talking vs. texting and other observations on everyday life.

This Netflix special from 2016 is hilarious as Wong talks about her sexual adventures which includes a rocky road to pregnancy. You’ll laugh the entire time.

Showtime’s “Funny Women of a Certain Age” has Fran Drescher (“The Nanny”) leading a cast of mature women in a no hold bar night of stand-up.

If you’re a fan of “Insecure” than you know Amanda Seales (Tiffany) is one funny lady. But in her HBO special “I Be Knowin” Seales takes center stage to give her honest and funny perspective on being a Black woman in America.

During these challenging times we can all use a laugh, so sit back and enjoy and stay safe!

Check out previews of the comedy specials below.

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