WATCH: INSECURE Episode 7 Promo!

This past week’s episode of “Insecure” saw the aftermath of Issa and Molly’s big fight at the end of the block party in episode 5. This installment was different in that it was stand-alone episode just from Issa’s point of view. While some of the series’ other characters did appear, they never shared scenes with Issa.

The episode starts off with Issa replaying her fight with Molly in her head. She could hear all the hurtful things Molly said about her and the word that stung the most for Issa was “user”. Issa doesn’t want to believe that she is a user or be perceived as one.

So she sets out to continue self-care Sunday on her own. After cleaning up her apartment, including the refrigerator for which she needed to wear a face mask. I asked on Twitter “is that how people live? They get to the point where they need a mask to clean out their fridge?” But, given that Issa’s life has been consumed with planning the block party, I guess she gets a pass this time.

At the grocery store, Issa decides to put out good energy by offering to buy a pregnant woman’s groceries. When Issa’s credit/debit card is rejected, the woman who was begging for help, judges Issa’s inability to pay, thanks her anyway and leaves.

Next, Issa sees an elderly man, George, miss the bus and offers him a ride. George turns out to be a hot mess. He complains and is a pain in Issa’s butt the entire trip. It’s worth watching this episode for this sequence alone. But once he reaches his son’s home, George is thankful for the ride.

Issa finally reaches her own destination, a “sip & paint” where she meets a group of women in town for a bachelorette party. When the women realize they don’t have their own wine, Issa offers to share her big jug of Pinot with them. Issa was clearly being thirsty to meet new people when she purchased that wine at the store. After the painting, the women invite Issa out for a drink and subsequently ditch her with the entire bill as part of their bachelorette to-do list. I’m still trying to figure out how if Issa couldn’t pay for $100 in groceries, she was able to pay for sushi and drinks for those women. Maybe another card? That became one expensive excursion to find new friends.

After such a fraught day, Issa ends up at her mother’s house, where in one of the most touching moments in the show’s four seasons, without knowing exactly what was wrong with Issa, her mother calls her in for a hug where Issa promptly breaks down in tears. Mother’s often know what we need without us having to tell them.

Later, after enjoying some good pot, Issa decides to go to her favorite Ethiopian place to get some food. Before entering, she sees Molly sitting at the counter, looking at her phone and smiling. In that moment, Issa decides not to harsh her mellow, retreats to her car and leaves.

Molly clearly wasn’t as bother by the events of the previous night as Issa. She seemed to be living her best life. Issa said earlier in the episode that she’s always the first to apologize to Molly and she didn’t want to be first this time. Yes, she’s being stubborn, but I get it. The problem is, if they don’t talk soon, the damage to their friendship will be irreversible. The writers were smart to have Kelly talk to Issa on the phone. She was able to use her recent dust up with Tiffany as an example of how close two friends can come to calling it quits and never speaking again if they don’t get in a room together and talk it out.

Based on the promo for next week’s episode, it doesn’t seem Issa and Molly will be talking it out anytime soon. It seems this week Molly gets her own stand-alone point of view episode. She goes on a trip to Mexico with her boyfriend Andrew. We’ll see if Molly can get through the trip without ruining this relationship!

Take a look at the promo below.

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