New Zealand’s FILTHY RICH Gives Good Soap on HULU

When FOX announced it’s fall schedule one of the new series on this list was “Filthy Rich” a soap opera set surrounding a southern family who runs a megachurch. When the patriarch dies, it’s revealed that he has three previously unknown children whom he names in his will.

This series is based on a 2016 New Zealand soap of the same name. In the original version the family owns a corporation where the struggle for power is central. The show is currently streaming on Hulu and it’s definitely worth a binge.

I’ve given you the basic set up and I don’t want to spoil the plot for you because as the series goes on there are lots of surprises revealed about all of the main characters.

Brady Truebridge (Miriama Smith) is the widow of John Truebridge and she drives a lot of the story. John has one “legitimate” son from a previous marriage, John Jr. (Josh McKenzie). Think of him as a very contemporary JR Ewing. John Sr’s newly found children Savannah (Emma Fenton), Zac (Taylor Hall) and Joe (Alex Tarrant) each come with their own demons and secrets.

The show boasts a large cast and you never know which supporting character will be thrust into a main storyline. That’s part of the fun of the show.

I will say that the first two episodes are filled with a lot of exposition and can be a bit slow, but once you get through them you’re in for a fun ride. And the season one cliffhanger is a shocker!

And if you’re worried that you won’t be able to connect to a show set in New Zealand, put those worries aside. The writing and directing of “Filthy Rich” feels very similar to an American series. As I watched it I kept thinking, this show feels like it would air on FX. So, it makes sense that the network decided to develop their own version of the show.

“Filthy Rich” gives good soap. The plot isn’t terribly predictable with plenty of twists and surprises in each episode.

The series only ran for two season in New Zealand, producing a total of 33 episodes. The series was cancelled after its second season so the last episode provides some closure on a few characters and stories, but the big cliffhanger is another “WOW” moment for the series. There are unresolved character arcs, I’m guessing the writers were saving for a possible season three. It’s too bad the show was cancelled because I definitely wanted to see more of the Truebridge’s antics!

The original trailer for the series premiere is below.

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