Who Lives? Who Dies? Who Gets Away with Murder?

Tonight “How to Get Away with Murder” closes out its six season run with what sure to be an explosive finale. There are so many questions to be answered. Is Annalise really dead? Why was Asher (Matt McGorry) murdered? Did Hannah really kill herself? Who will still be left standing at the end of the hour long finale? Yes, one hour. I can’t believe they’re going to wrap up this show in one hour. I’m guessing the first half of the show will move along at a frenetic pace to get us to a place where we find out what happens to all the characters.

I thought it would be fun to make my own predictions as to who lives, who dies and who will get away with murder in the series finale. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but these are just my guesses.


Annalise (Viola Davis) – I will be SHOCKED if Annalise is really dead. Having said that, “How to Get Away with Murder” has always been bold in its storytelling so if our heroine is revealed to have really died, it would be in line with the DNA of the show. It would be a shame though because Annalise, while not perfect, has never murdered anyone and doesn’t deserve such a grim fate. Plus, if she’s really dead we won’t get any TV movies to extend the franchise in a few years. But, again, this is “How to Get Away with Murder” so anything is possible.

Wes (Alfred Enoch) – This is pretty obvious since it was revealed in the flash forwards that Wes, or someone who looks exactly like him, shows up to Annalise’s funeral. My guess is Wes will be the person who connects some of the dots for viewers as to what actually happens to Annalise. If he’s discovered to be alive by the authorities, he will go to prison for Sam and Rebecca’s murders.

Connor & Oliver (Jack Falange, Conrad Ricamora) – Given how much praise “How to Get Away with Murder” has received for giving these two gay characters so much visibility, I can’t imagine their story ending in some tragic trope that has afflicted so many gay characters over the years. I’m hoping Conner will be able to get his plea agreement thrown out and he and Ollie live happily ever after.

Tegan (Amirah Vann) – Tegan continues to be a boss bitch and I’m guessing she’ll continue in that role. I wouldn’t be surprised if she leaves her law firm for a happily ever after of her own.

Gabriel (Rome Flynn) – I don’t know that anyone actually cares what happens to Gabriel. He hasn’t been the most compelling character on the show. But, he’s nice to look at and he never killed anyone so he’ll probably transfer to a law school where there’s less drama, intrigue and murder.

Ophelia (Cicely Tyson) – If Annalise is alive by the end of the hour, her mom just might have something to do with her daughter’s disappearance and survival.


Bonnie (Liza Weil) – Poor Bonnie. She’s had such a tragic life. She’s also killed 2 people during the run of the show. In the promo for the finale we see Frank saying he’s sorry at someone’s grave. My guess is it’s one of two people, Bonnie being my first guess.

Laurel (Karla Souza) – I’ve never gotten this character. I never understood what Frank and Wes saw in her. It could be Laurel’s grave Frank visits in the finale. If Laurel does die, I’d love for Connor and Oliver to raise her son, if not-dead Wes does indeed end up in prison.

Nate (Billy Brown) – Nate beat that DA within an inch of his life until Bonnie finished the job for him. He’s turned on Annalise and even with all those muscles, I don’t think he’ll escape this final hour unscathed.


Michaela (Aja Naomi King) – Although Michaela didn’t technical Sam, she did send him flying over the railing before Wes knocked him over the head with that trophy. She also got one of her gay classmate Simon Drake deported, which was basically a death sentence. But, Michaela is smart and driven. I think she’s going to become the powerful lawyer she’s always wanted to become.

Frank (Charlie Weber) – Frank has a high body count including killing two of his siblings before they were even born. But, Frank is a survivor he will walk away tortured, but alive and free.

Check back here for my recap and thoughts on the series finale of “How to Get Away with Murder”.

Who do you think lives, dies and gets away with murder?

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