Filthy Rich coming to FOX this fall

FOX announced its fall schedule this week and among the series to premiere is “Filthy Rich” starring Kim Cattrall (“Sex and the City”). The show was planned to debut before this fall but because of the coronavirus pandemic, FOX held the series and will use it to fill the schedule in late fall.

“Filthy Rick” is based on a series from New Zealand of the same name. This version will center around a Southern family whose wealth comes from owning a mega church. When the family patriarch (Gerald McRaney of “This is Us”) dies in a plane crash, it’s revealed that he has three illegitimate children with three different women. He’s left them in his will which is the catalyst of the drama.

The original “Filthy Rich” is now available for streaming on Hulu. I’m on the seventh episode and while the series starts out a little slow with a lot of story exposition, once they kick the drama into gear it’s pretty compelling.

The FOX version looks bigger and louder than its New Zealand predecessor. The original version gets to use a lot language that won’t be possible in the FOX version but I’m guessing both series will share messy sexual situations. And, just looking at the trailer it’s clear that while the two series share the same DNA, the US version will clearly have its own unique identity.

Take a look at the trailer for FOX’s upcoming “Filthy Rich” below.

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