WATCH: INSECURE Episode 6 Promo

Whew ya’ll! Last night’s episode of “Insecure” was one for the ages.

The series circled back to the timeline at the top of the season premiere when Issa was on the phone telling someone that she doesn’t “f*ck” with Molly anymore. That someone was Nathan (Barber bae) who ghosted Issa last season and then returned to explain his absence was due to him dealing with some mental health issues.

The long teased block party that Issa’s been planning for a season and a half has finally come to fruition and all of her friends are there to support her on her big day, even Molly. Molly’s presence can really be credited to her boyfriend Andrew who had to give her a nudge when she was resisting attending the event.

Once there, Molly was somewhat impressed with what Issa had accomplished and even tried offering her some leftover chicken wings as a peace offering. But, Molly was definitely still in her feelings about all the awkwardness between her and Issa over the past few months and we could see she was just itching for something to go wrong at the event.

This episode was superb. It kept the tension between Issa and Molly at the right level, gave us a look into Tiffany going through some postpartum depression disguised as having a fun day out day drinking and much needed comedy relief from Kelli pretending to be British to impress her new boo. Issa’s ex-boyfriend was suspiciously absent from he event, even though he had slid into her DM’s on Thanksgiving, failing to mention that he had broken up with his girlfriend Condola. And let’s pause for a moment to talk about how unprofessional Condola turned out to be after the breakup. She stopped communicating with Issa about the event which she had been helping plan because of her breakup with Lawrence. Condola did arrange for Issa to get some interns for the event, so I guess that’s something. But, she still gets a mark on her permanent record for being unprofessional.

During a really fun dance sequence it seemed Issa and Molly would be ok because dance really does heal. But once the dancing was over, Andrew let it slip that he helped Issa out with booking her headliner for the block party and Molly was none to pleased. When Issa asked Molly to ask Andrew for help in a previous episode Molly said she didn’t want to cross that boundary in her relationship. So…Issa asked Nathan, Andrew’s friend and roommate to make the request. Folks were wondering why Issa was talking to Nathan again, and now we know why. Andrew thought nothing of it and obliged.

Molly decided to confront Issa about this at the party instead of letting Issa have her night and dealing with it another time. That confrontation turned into the two women verbally vomiting all of their issues with one another and almost coming to physical blows. Issa shouldn’t have gone behind Molly’s back to ask Andrew for the favor, but Molly should also know there’s a time and a place to confront Issa. And my question is, why didn’t Molly have the same energy for Andrew, who didn’t tell Molly about Issa’s request. In that moment she did choose her newish boyfriend over her best friend.

Next week promo show’s Issa basically moving on from her friendship with Molly. Molly however, is absent from the promo. I wonder if she’s absent from the entire episode, which really would be giving the two women space to figure out if there’s a friendship left to save.

Take a look at the promo for episode 6 below.

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