Cutting the Cord: PLUTO TV

If you’re looking for thousands of hours of entertainment options but don’t want to add another streaming subscription fee to your monthly bills, then you should try Pluto TV.

Pluto TV is an ad supported streaming service owned by Viacom and delivers a variety of channels that will keep you or your kids entertained for hours.

Pluto TV offers a variety of themed channels so viewers can choose from classic tv series, movies, news, sports, documentaries and music. The interface is pretty easy to use and even offers a “BINGE WATCH” category so viewers can easily find series that they can watch for hours on end without a lot of searching, while some tv shows like “Baywatch” even have their own dedicated channels so you can watch episodes whenever you like.

Pluto TV “Binge Watch” Menu

Pluto TV also offers an on-demand option featuring popular tv shows and movies such as “Hell’s Kitchen”, “The First Wives Club”, “Shaft” (starring Samuel L. Jackson) and much more.

The streaming service also offers Spanish language tv series and movies.

The library is so vast it’s definitely worth checking out. You can access the service through your web browser at or download their app on any of your digital devices.

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