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How to Get Away with Murder has had a fantastic final season. Last night’s penultimate episode was as twisty as anything the series has given us.


Last night the surviving members of the Keating 5, Michaela, Laurel and Connor took the stand against Annalise and they all LIED on our girl. That is until Laurel had a change of heart and admitted her testimony was nothing but lies and incriminated Michaela and Connor for perjury.

Those weren’t the only lies during the hour. Nate, Annalise’s former lover who beat a DA almost to death and murdered Laurel’s brother is still spinning tales in hopes of bringing Annalise down and covering his own dirty tracks.

The one truth sayer during the episode was Bonnie. Yes, serial killer Bonnie told her lover Frank, after he told her that he was still in love with Laurel, that Annalise’s dead husband Sam is his father. But, that’s not the craziest part. Frank found out that not only is Frank his father, but, Frank’s sister Hannah is his mother! The Keating siblings lived by the mantra “incest is best.”

Whew, I know this all sounds crazy, and it is. But this is why we’ve loved “How to Get Away with Murder” for the past six years.

Oh and before I forget, we need to bow to the magnificent Viola Davis who gave an incredible performance last night, especially when delivering Annalise’s internal monologues. Ms. Davis should easily be an Emmy nominee this year. We also have to shout-out to Annalise wearing her natural hair this season as juxtaposed to season one when Annalise was all glam with stylish wigs and makeup. The two murder mysteries this season have been “Who Killed Asher?” This mystery was solved a few episodes ago when it was revealed a rogue FBI agent killed Asher in the hallway with a fireplace poker. The other mystery that has been teased throughout the season is “Who Killed Annalise?” I’m guessing she’s not really dead, but with this show, I always expect the unexpected.

Next week’s series finale looks like it will not disappoint and deliver a thrill ride the likes we haven’t seen on this show, and that’s saying a lot!

Take a look at the promo for the killer series finale below.

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