WATCH: DEAD TO ME Season 2 Trailer

The Netflix dark comedy “Dead to Me” returns on Friday, May 8th and by the looks of the trailer, season 2 will be wilder and put series leads Jen and Judy in more jeopardy.

In season one, after Judy (Linda Cardellini) killed Jen’s (Christina Applegate) husband, Judy befriended an unsuspecting Jen. By the end of the season, Jen knew Judy’s secret and in a shocking cliffhanger, Jen killed Judy’s fiancé Steve (James Mardsen), who was also involved in Jen’s husband’s death. Yes, it’s a lot.

Steve’s death brings Jen and Judy back together as they try to cover up both crimes.

The first season of “Dead to Me” earned Christina Applegate rave reviews and she was nominated for a Golden Globe, SAG Award and Emmy for Best Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

Take a look at the season 2 trailer below.

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