2018 TV Season

HBO Should Just Give Us More INSECURE Now!

INSECURE is off to a great start in its third season. Issa and Molly are still being messy, but they’re definitely making strides towards this season’s “know better, do better” mantra.

With Issa basically in financial ruin, she’s sleeping on her ex boyfriend Daniel’s sofa. But, to her credit, she’s signed up as a Lyft driver which is a great comedic device. In the season premiere Issa recruited best friend Molly for a Lyft party, resulting in a hilariously unexpected fist fight between two passengers. Aside from the comedy it provides, Issa driving for Lyft reflects how many folks in real life are participating in the sharing economy.

Meanwhile, Molly’s law career is on track and she’s starting to put boundaries on her relationship with her old friend Dro. Being the third in an open relationship isn’t for everyone.

We’re even getting to know more about Daniel who up until this season has been a mystery man with whom Issa has crazy chemistry. It’s great that the show is gibing us more insight into the man, flaws and all.

With only 8 episode seasons, INSECURE flies by and given the quality of the show’s creative keeps getting better, HBO should announce a season four renewal so we’re not insecure about the future of our girls Issa and Molly!

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