ABC Teases THE MIDDLE Series Finale Storylines

THE MIDDLE will start airing its final set of episodes starting May 1, leading up to the one-hour series finale on May 1st.

I’ve always thought THE MIDDLE was an underrated show overshadowed in its first season by the critically acclaimed MODERN FAMILY. Honestly, the show was ahead of its time in portraying a lower middle class family struggling to survive. In the time of “economic anxiety” and the resurgence of ROSEANNE, if THE MIDDLE were to premiere today it would probably get more notice.

Although the series centered around harried mom Frankie (Patricia Heaton) this show is truly and ensemble, clearly defining each character. The casting of the Heck children was perfection and Emmy worthy in itself. The breakout of the three was Eden Sher as unlucky but always optimistic middle child Sue. Sher and the writers didn’t give us the cliched portrait of a bratty teenage girl. Sue was always trying to be her best self even when she wasn’t being seen by those around her. I hope casting directors have taken note and scoop Sher up for another show soon.

Things were never perfect for the Heck family but they lived by the motto of “you show up for family”, and that’s exactly what they did week in and week out. With descriptions for the final episodes focusing on eldest son Axel’s move to a new city, I hope we get to see Sue and her soulmate Sean finally admit that they love each other and get the happy ending they deserve.

Because Heaton served as narrator for the series, I’ve often thought we’d find out that at the of the series Frankie had written a book chronicling her family and their adventures but honestly, Frankie is too lazy for that!

For detailed descriptions of the final episodes of THE MIDDLE and other ABC series click Here.

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