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When I decided to cut the cord and use Hulu Live as my tv provider, I was excited. No contract. No DVR box and remote control fees. Access to a wide library of content. What could go wrong? Well, let me tell you what can go wrong. The Hulu Live platform has been unstable for most of 2018.

When I’m watching live programming the screen often freezes, the audio skips around trying to catch up with the video and sometimes just for fun the menu categories such as “Lineup”, “Keep Watching” and “My Channels” disappear. For a while these issues also affected recorded programming, but that seems to be fixed.

I’ve contacted Hulu support and they’re “very sorry to hear I’m having issues” and will link me to trouble shooting guides. Often times they suggest it’s my home WiFi service. But here’s the thing. I have these issues outside of my home too when I’m using Hulu Live on other WiFi networks. Strong networks, same issues. Other trouble shooting recommendations include uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Done. No change.

Over the weekend, Hulu asked me to sign into the app. After multiple attempts the app finally worked and platform is a bit more stable but video still occasionally freezes but not for a long a period as before. The cloud DVR and VOD content is super stable and I’ve had no issues using those platforms recently.

One other way I was able to tell that the WiFi network isn’t the issue is because I’m able to use DIRECTV NOW app without any problems. The platform is incredibly stable. The only drawback is the app doesn’t provide a DVR service so you’re limited to live tv viewing or using the VOD to catch up or binge. Remember this capability is limited to which level DIRECTV NOW subscription you have so content on networks to which you don’t subscribe won’t be available.

I haven’t given up on HULU Live just yet. Since I’ve seen some improvements in the stability of the platform. I also like having access to the deep VOD library, but in the end that can be accessed with a basic Hulu subscription.

This coming July will mark one year that I’ve used the service. I’ll make a determination about continuing with it then.

Are you using any streaming platforms like HULU LIVE, DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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