It’s Been 10 Years since “Six Feet Under” signed off with an AMAZING Finale


SIX FEET UNDER stands as one of the best dramatic offerings from HBO and although it seems like yesterday, it’s actually been ten years since the show aired its amazing series finale.  The show examined how a family faces their own mortality under the backdrop of the funeral home they owned and operated.  The Fisher family felt real because they were relatable. Constantly surrounded by death, there was a darkness that lived in each character and we as viewers watched as that darkness manifested and played out. Each character was so terribly flawed yet felt authentic. The series finale could have easily given each character their happy ending and after five seasons of angst they would have deserved it.  But, SIX FEET UNDER never took the easy route.  Before it was “en vogue” to kill off a series lead, the show shockingly killed off oldest son and brother Nate (Peter Krause) a few episodes before the series finale.

By the final episode each character had plans to move on and find their bliss. As youngest child, Claire drove away towards her new life in New York City, the show could have faded to black and left us wondering what was next for the Fishers and their loved ones.  Instead, the show flashed forward to show us how each of the main characters died. This was the ultimate closure for the fans.  We’re not left wondering if matriarch Ruth is still operating a doggy daycare or if David and his partner Keith are still together.  There’s no speculation of a SIX FEET UNDER: THE MOVIE.

The SIX FEET UNDER finale stands as one of the best series finales in tv history.  My only gripe is that I wish in the scene that shows Claire’s death, the last character to die, her family had been there waiting for her.  But, it’s a minor complaint in an otherwise perfect episode.  While THE SOPRANOS finale got more buzz, the SIX FEET UNDER finale got it right! The show didn’t try to be hip or clever, it was just organic and true to what the series was. This is a finale that will stay with me much longer than recent endings of shows like MAD MEN and PARENTHOOD.

Take a look back at the SIX FEET UNDER finale montage.  I still get chills when I watch it, do you?

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