2015 TV Season – PASS LIST!

Below are shows I don’t think are worth your time. Continue to check back as I continue to update the PASS LIST!



After two promising seasons, PLEASE LIKE ME returned in October for what has been a disappointing third season. Unlike previous seasons, the current season of the series is suffering from a weak narrative. It’s as if creator/star Josh Thomas doesn’t know in which direction he wants to take his or any of the other characters.  Each episode feels so aimless and worst of all they stories aren’t compelling and ultimately dull. Thomas seems to be phoning in his performance this season. It’s disappointing to see the show falter creatively.



Rob Lowe stars in this sitcom as Dean, an actor who played a tv lawyer (The Grinder) on a hit television show who returns home after the series ends. His brother Stewart, played by Fred Savage, is a real lawyer who has always lived in the shadow of his older brother. So of course Dean thinks his experience as a television lawyer qualifies him to practice law and assist his brother on cases. The setup is so preposterous that I can’t even let dramatic license help me overcome how ridiculous this show is. Both Rob Lowe and Fred Savage are such likable actors that they should be back on tv, but not in this vehicle which in the two episodes I’ve watched never make any sense. Seriously, save your time and tune this one out.



ABC is trying to lure audiences back to Sunday nights with what they promote as a “sexy soap” set in the world of the modern day oil boom in North Dakota. The pilot never set up why we should care about any of the characters and even worse was boring. Some have tried to say this is the “new” DALLAS, but the new DALLAS already happened on TNT and BLOOD & OIL doesn’t come close to either the original or updated version of the classic soap.  The pilot failed my “15 minute test” in which I was able to walk away from the show without pausing it within the first 15 minutes and didn’t care if I missed anything. The writers need to figure out why we should care about his world and the characters. What’s the hook and why should we tune in next week.  Right now, I don’t have an answer for either question.



John Stamos stars as a shallow 50 year old restaurant owner who is surprised to learn that he has an adult son and granddaughter. While Stamos is likable in the role, the show feels like an urban version of former FOX sitcom RAISING HOPE. By the end of the pilot, I wasn’t sure what more story there is to tell, everything was neatly wrapped up. The writing is predictable, especially during a seen when a group of characters are watching a scene from the movie KRAMER VS. KRAMER. I could immediately tell that the show would do it’s own version of the scene as a major story turning point, and I was correct. GRANDFATHERED isn’t the worst show I’ve seen, but I wouldn’t recommend watching unless the show receives a full season pickup by FOX.



BEST TIME EVER WITH NEIL PATRICK HARRIS seems to want to take advantage of television viewer’s fondness for Harris when he successfully hosted the TONY AWARDS in past years. But, this live variety show fails to capture any of that magic and quite frankly feels like a vanity project. I tried watching the second episode and turned it off half way through. There was some guy whose girlfriend thinks is lazy who “participates” in a bunch of activities and then proposes live on the show, with a shameless product placement by a jewelry store. Then, there’s Alec Baldwin as the special guest announcer that’s just odd and some people at home singing surprise karaoke. Oh and Neil faced off with Seth Myers in a news story reading bit that made no sense. None of Neil Patrick Harris’ charm comes through and I certainly did not have the “best time ever.”



This light crime drama about a Miami pathologist, Dr. Beaumont Rosewood, Jr., who finds secrets in people’s bodies using his state-of-the-art laboratory equipment is the lead-in to mega-hit EMPIRE. ROSEWOOD doesn’t have the intensity of CSI or the personality of long-running FOX hit BONES. It’s unfortunate FOX didn’t develop a more compelling show to occupy such a great time period and create its own version of ABC’s TGIT (GREYS ANATOMY, SCANDAL, HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER). Morris Chestnut is a good actor and deserves a better vehicle to showcase his star power.

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