Below are some shows that I think are worth your time.  Check back as I continue to update the WATCH LIST!



UPDATE:  CBS has announced the the cancellation of ANGEL FROM HELL. Jane Lynch hasn’t let any dust settle under her feet since the end of GLEE. In addition to hosting the fun NBC game show HOLLYWOOD GAME NIGHT, Lynch is starring in the CBS comedy ANGEL FROM HELL.  I honestly have to say I expected this show to be a complete disaster and cancelled after three episodes.  But, the show turns our to be sweet and charming.  Lynch is engaging as a woman who might be an angel or just a mentally ill homeless woman. The beauty of the show is just when you think you know, something happens to make you reconsider your position.



Popstar and actress Brandy Norwood returns to tv as the lead in the new BET sitcom ZOEY EVER AFTER.  Norwood was last seen in the final season of BET’s signature dramedy THE GAME as streetwise Chardonnay.  ZOEY EVER AFTER is a lighter, broader show and isn’t as serialized as THE GAME.  Zoe is a newly divorced woman who is starting her life over by launching her own cosmetics company with financial help from her ex-husband who happens to be a boxing champ. Their relationship is a bit tricky since they still hold a special place in each other’s hearts. Since they share custody of their young son, there’s ample opportunity for them to revisit what was right and often wrong in their marriage.  The show is very different in tone from THE GAME and allows Brandy to show a fun, whimsical side.  While her two sidekicks can sometimes be a bit over-the-top, the duo’s antics reminded me of Jack and Karen from WILL & GRACE. If you’re looking for an easy, light and often silly comedy ZOE EVER AFTER fits the bill.



The latest series from writer/producer Ryan Murphy (GLEE, AMERICAN HORROR STORY, NIP/TUCK) is a send up of horror movies and is wickedly funny. Anyone family with Murphy’s work will recognize themes from his previous series immediately in the 2 hour pilot. The show uses character voiceover for narrative a la GLEE. Jamie Lee Curtis stars as the Dean of the University where the action takes place. She could easily be Sue Sylvester’s (GLEE) sister. An the setup, grisly murders occur on a college campus, and more specifically inside a sorority house filled with popular mean girls and misfits (AHS, GLEE). The central mystery also involves the death of a sorority girl twenty years earlier and the disappearance of the child she gave birth to before dying. Lea Michelle sheds her persona from GLEE playing a geeky girl in a neck brace with with a surprising dark side. Nick Jonas shows off his comedic skills as a barely closeted frat boy who loves to admire his body while working out shirtless and is in love with his fraternity big brother, who does not share the same feelings but is accepting of him none the less. The show is hysterical and if you allow yourself to be transported into their absurd world it’s quite a fun hour.  The show delivers on its promise of death with multiple unsuspecting characters being taken down by someone in a red devil costume during each episode. SCREAM QUEENS is anthology series like AMERICAN HORROR STORY so by the time the season concludes we’ll have answers to all the series burning questions.  I recommend checking the show out. It’s unapologetically fun and campy and we could all use that for at least an hour in our lives each week.


The gang from The Muppets are back in this mockumentary style sitcom and it’s EVERYTHING! Kermit and Miss Piggy have broken up but Kermit is executive producer of her late night talk show which makes for plenty of deliciously awkward moments. While Kermit has moved on with a new pig named Denise, Miss Piggy is still heartbroken but is determined not to let it show. Fozzie Bear is the MVP of the first episode, stealing every scene he’s in. ABC has scored with THE MUPPETS.

LIFE IN PIECES (CBS, Monday 8:30pm EST)

This single camera comedy from CBS tells four stories of various members of the Short family and by the end of the half hour they all come together for a shared story. The show stars Oscar winner Diane Wiest and James Brolin as the parents who are anything but traditional. Colin Hanks and Besty Brandt (Breaking Bad) stand out as two of the Short siblings. Hanks is given an especially funny story in the pilot as he and his wife discover the limitations of their sexual relationship right after having their first child. LIFE IN PIECES is clever, a bit edgy and holds a lot of potential. It’s an odd fit for CBS but Wiest and Brolin might hold enough appeal to the network’s core audience and leading out of tv’s #1 comedy THE BIG BANG THEORY could give the show a fighting chance.


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